LBJ 50th Anniversary: The LBJ School in the Arena

A collage of four images of LBJ School students and alumni at work, superimposed over the archives at the LBJ Library

The LBJ School In the Arena

Public policy is a call to service that requires commitment, creativity, courage and a passion to innovate and help shape the world. The LBJ School was founded in 1970 to harness that passion for service and to foster better governance, better leadership and better cooperation. It broke new ground with an approach combining theory with practice, preparing students to create real change in communities from the local level to the global.

Fifty years later, the LBJ School is a leader in its programs, its research and its impact on policy decisions. LBJ's students, alumni and faculty create new approaches, breach barriers, push boundaries and fight against entrenchment and dysfunction.

An LBJ School student during her summer internship in 2015

Students In the Arena

LBJ School students get out in the field, from Capitol Hill and international NGOs to nonprofits helping communities cope with disasters and populations exploring innovative solutions to sustain and develop their futures.

Texas Rep. Gene Wu (MPAff '04), who represents Texas's 137th House district as a Democrat

Alumni In the Arena

LBJ alumni lead in local, state, national and international government, nonprofits and the corporate sector as well as in think tanks and academia, applying their education and experience to affect change and mentor those coming after them.

Professors Victoria DeFrancesco Soto (right) and Ruth Wasem with students during the NASPAA Crisis Simulation on Feb. 23, 2019

Faculty In the Arena

LBJ faculty, some of the most distinguished scholars and practitioners in their fields, combine teaching with cutting-edge research and advise policymakers, offer expertise on issues and train students to work in the broad policy environment.