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The LBJ School Celebrates 50 Years In the Arena

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the LBJ School's 50th anniversary celebration. We are proud to commemorate President Lyndon Johnson's founding vision, to educate young people to become bold "thinkers and doers," to showcase leaders who embody his spirit and desire to make change, and to inspire the next generation to creatively take on the world's most important challenges. Video of the 50th anniversary forms is on this site and on the LBJ School's YouTube channel.

FORUM I: In the Arena: The LBJ Era… to the Present

Featuring Darren Walker, John Dickerson, Martine Rothblatt, Carla Hayden, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Dr. Michael Hole, Tom Freston, Pattie Sellers, Dr. Rajiv Shah, Tom Johnson, Sherrie Westin, Angela Evans and Luci Baines Johnson.

Air date: Oct. 5, 2020


FORUM II: In the Arena: Defining a New Destiny

Featuring Melinda Gates, Pat Mitchell, Jamie Dimon, Pattie Sellers, Lonnie G. Bunch III, Soledad O'Brien, Anousheh Ansari, Nina Easton, Adm. William McRaven, Douglas Brinkley, Stacey Abrams, Pete Buttigieg and Lynda Johnson Robb.

Air date: Oct. 12, 2020


Stacey Abrams (MPaff '98) poses for a photo at the 2019 Outstanding Alumni Awards

#LBJ50 Forums

An in-depth look at the forums, which explored big ideas and solutions to today's most pressing issues, from racial justice and equality to the state of our democracy.

President Lyndon B. Johnson campaigning with construction workers

#LBJ50 Legacy

The film tells the story of the founding of the LBJ School and captures the spirit of its students and alumni - the 'living legacies' of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Luci Johnson and Lynda Johnson Robb at the 2015 Liberty and Justice for All Award in Washington, DC

#LBJ50: Thank you

The LBJ School thanks Lynda Johnson Robb and Luci Johnson, Legacy Sponsors of #LBJ50, as well as the LBJ Foundation and the Dean's Advisory Council.