LBJ 50th Anniversary: #LBJ50 At a Glance

alt="Stacey Abrams (MPaff '98) poses for a photo at the 2019 Outstanding Alumni Awards"

#LBJ50 At a Glance

In 2020, we will celebrate the LBJ School's half-century of impact, both within the walls of academia and on public and social policies around the world. The 50th anniversary will capture the legacy of a great institution, embodied in the board of trustees and over 4,500 alumni, as well as prominent friends and supporters. Taking place against the backdrop of a transformative presidential election, the LBJ School reimagines the future as we:

  • Connect LBJ's bold ambitions for change to live events focused on the globe's most pressing issues.
  • Ignite emerging generations of young people driven by purpose and a desire to build a better world.
  • Engage today's most innovative thinkers and leaders on stage and in film.
  • Tell powerful stories on film documenting the impact of courageous leadership.
  • Tap into the excitement around Austin’s music, culture and new economy.




In the Arena Events

The centerpiece of the yearlong celebration is a series of three daylong programs that will draw on both the School's local influence and global profile, attracting distinguished scholars, business and political leaders, creative thinkers and disruptors.

Each day's events will include:

  • LBJ Forums. LBJ Forums will provide rich opportunities for the School to be at the forefront of global conversations on issues that command innovative approaches. Speakers for each Forum will be chosen based on their ability to inform, inspire and/or provoke innovative ideas and solutions for the future.
  • LBJ Forum Dinner. Following each of the three LBJ Forum events, all select donors and participants from the Forum main-stage event will join special guests for a dinner and auction to benefit LBJ fellows.
  • Scholars In the Arena. In these morning academic sessions, scholars explore issues related to the day’s LBJ Forum theme. Each academic session will be followed by a lunch that features a keynote speaker and an opportunity for the scholars to showcase their work on site.
  • Artists and Musicians In the Arena. Art and music will play a prominent role in each anniversary event, drawing on the creative-rich Austin and University of Texas community.
  • Thinkers and Doers Showcase. On each LBJ Forum day, in special networking hubs, select UT students will showcase their ideas and innovations related to that day's Forum theme.







March 11, 2020

LBJ Forum:
Genius for Good

LBJ Auditorium
Austin, Texas

April 30, 2020

LBJ Forum:
Humanity: It's Time

LBJ Auditorium
Austin, Texas

Aug. 28, 2020

Grand Reunion
(Invitation-only event)

LBJ School
Austin, Texas

Fall 2020

LBJ Forum:
Democracy's Destiny

Location to be announced
Washington, DC





March, April 2020 Forums — Austin, Texas

9:30 AM–Noon           

SCHOLARS IN THE ARENABass Lecture Hall, LBJ School

In these morning academic sessions, scholars will explore issues related to the main-stage LBJ Forum in the afternoon. Open to the public and special guests. (Capacity 170)

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM           


Open to attendees and sponsors of the morning academic session. This luncheon will feature a keynote speaker. (Capacity 170)

4:00 PM – 6:30 PM           


Attendees will include members of Austin private, public and nonprofit sectors, special guests and UT Austin students. (Capacity 1,000 plus livestream)

6:45 PM – 7:15 PM           

VIP RECEPTION — LBJ Library, LBJ Presidential Suite, 10th Floor

This small, private reception includes the Presenting and Platinum sponsors, members of the LBJ Foundation and Johnson family, and select LBJ Forum speakers and participants. (Capacity 25)

6:45 PM – 9:30 PM           

LBJ FORUM DINNER — LBJ Library, 10th Floor 

This private dinner will include leaders from the public and private sectors, the Austin and UT Austin community, select LBJ Forum speakers and participants and sponsors. (Capacity 200)